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8 Best Countertop Ice Makers

thumbnail 8 best countertop ice makers


Ice is a must for enjoying drinks, especially in hot weather. Whatever you drink, ice makes it more refreshing. However, it may take a long time to make ice in freezers in an old-fashioned way. Instead, you can buy a countertop ice maker to get more ice in a short time, especially if you like to organize gatherings for your family and friends.

Countertop ice makers are very popular nowadays. For this reason, different brands compete to sell their products. We have compared the 8 best countertop ice makers in this article. Furthermore, we evaluated the features of all 8 of them and examined the user comments. This way, we aimed to find the best countertop ice maker for you.

1- AGLUCKY Countertop Ice Maker Machine

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AGLUCKY Countertop Ice Maker Machine 1
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It makes ice up to 26.5 lbs per day. 9 ice cubes are ready in  6-8 minutes.  Ice cubes can be produced either small or large according to the preference. A removable basket and an ice scoop come with the product.

Removable Basket

It is possible to remove and carry the basket whenever you need ice.

Digital Sensor

The sensor warns you when it is full of ice or out of water.

Pros Cons
Two different sizes of ice Rustable inner material.
Sensor function Short-life span.
Quiet operation Problems in sensor.


AGLUCKY Countertop Ice Maker Machine Review

It is a portable countertop ice maker with a compact design. Thus, you can carry it wherever you need ice cubes. You do not have to restrict its use to the countertop of your kitchen. It has a large capacity and produces ice cubes rapidly. Suitable for both crowded events and daily use. But users say that this ice maker breaks down quickly.

You can produce large or small bullet-shaped ice cubes with this ice maker. Its sensor alerts you to empty the machine when it is full of ice, or there is no water left to do ice cubes. However, its sensor can fail, and you won’t be able to use the ice maker again because it will alarm that the machine is full and won’t make ice cubes.

This ice maker does not have a feature to keep the ice cubes cold. It would help if you kept ice cubes elsewhere. In addition, rust can occur in the parts of the machine that contact the water. This is quite unhealthy. We must warn that cleaning the ice maker frequently is also important. Otherwise, mold or algae may form.

2- ZAFRO Countertop Ice Maker Machine

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ZAFRO Countertop Ice Maker Machine 1
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It can produce 9 ice cubes in 8 minutes. Its tank can take 1.5-liter water and make 26 lbs of ice within 24 hours. The product comes with a removable basket and ice scoop. It has a smart sensor and air cooling system.

Recycling Function

Enables the reuse of melted ice.

Air Cooling System

Cools the heated engine and prolongs its life.

Pros Cons
Air cooling system Short life span.
Smart sensor Soft ice.
Recycling system Loud.

ZAFRO Countertop Ice Maker Machine 2

ZAFRO Countertop Ice Maker Machine Review

You can use this countertop ice maker in different locations in your home or workplace. It has a sensor to warn you when the basket is full and needs emptying. The air cooling system aims the extend the life of the engine. It is supposed to be quiet, but users indicate it works pretty loudly. Also, it radiates heat from the engine.

You can use it by pressing only one button. It is pretty easy to use. This countertop ice maker’s best feature is the recycling system because it produces soft, easily melted ice and does not have a function to keep ice cold. The recycling system reproduces fresh cubes from the melted ice and prevents water waste.

It is possible to carry the ice cubes with the removable basket and serve them with the scoop. Safety and health are essential. You must follow instructions for proper and safe usage. By giving importance to the maintenance and cleaning it regularly, it can be usable for a longer time. It will be worth the money you pay.

3- Silonn Ice Makers Countertop

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Silonn Ice Makers Countertop 1
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It has a 2-liter tank to produce 26 lbs of ice in 24 hours. 9 ice cubes ready in 6 minutes. Two ice size preferences are available. It has a self-cleaning feature and operates quietly.

Self-clean Function

You can activate the self-cleaning function by pressing one button.

Quiet Operation

Ice cubes are produced at less than 35 dB.

Pros Cons
Self-clean feature Ice cubes are tiny.
Ice size preference Quick melting ice.
Quiet operation Not safe.


Silonn Ice Makers Countertop Review

It is a fast countertop ice maker. It takes only 6 minutes to make 9 ice cubes. A fast machine will be useful at large parties because the ice runs out quickly in the crowd. You can make ice cubes in two different sizes: large or small. But users say even the large option makes tiny cubes. That is why the desired efficiency could not be received.

It is silent. Unlike others, it does not disturb you by working with a loud voice. The best feature is the self-cleaning function. You can activate it by pressing the on/off button for 5 seconds, and it will start to operate. Its sensor also helps you know when the bucket is full. An important issue is that the machine may catch fire if the operating instructions are not followed. It can be dangerous.

4- Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop

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Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop 1
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This countertop ice maker has a 2.2-liter tank and can produce 26 lbs of ice in one day. It takes 8 minutes to make 9 pieces of ice cubes. It has a recirculating water system. It is possible to choose the size of the ice cubes.

Recirculating System

Prevents water waste by reusing the melted ice.

Self-cleaning System

Clean itself when the power button is pressed.

Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop Review

This countertop ice maker has the best appearance of all. It is made of stainless steel material and has a classy gray color. Odor-free, clear, and chewable ice cubes are produced in this machine. It has a large tank capacity but can leak. Leaking water may damage the item on which you put the machine. So be careful about where to keep it.

It is eco-friendly. Its recirculating system prevents water waste. You can activate the self-cleaning function by pressing the power key for 5 seconds. Super easy to clean. Still, it may need additional cleaning from time to time. It also has an automatic setting to stop making ice when the basket is full. But, users say that ice production takes longer than stated.

It will be good to empty the ices in the machine because they can melt easily. After all, it does not have a cold-keeping feature. Moreover, it is not a very durable product. But for pro-long usage, you should never add hot water to its tank and make it upright as instructed before first use.

5- Wizisa Countertop Ice Maker Machine

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Wizisa Countertop Ice Maker Machine 1
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Its tank has a 2-liter capacity and can make ice up to 26 lbs per day. It takes 6 minutes to produce 9 ice cubes. Two different sizes of ice are available. It has a self-cleaning feature.

Self-cleaning Feature

Cleans itself when the clean button is pressed while the tank is full.

Recirculating System

Produces ice again from melted ice.

Pros Cons
Requires little energy Sticky ice.
Self-cleaning feature Weird taste.
Recirculating system No warranty information available.


Wizisa Countertop Ice Maker Machine Review

This is a stylish countertop ice maker with stainless steel material. It is very fast and produces ice cubes in only 6 minutes. It consumes very little energy while making ice cubes. It contributes to the protection of nature with its recirculating system by reusing the melted ice. Since it is portable, you can carry it wherever you need it. It comes with an ice basket and an ice scoop.

The bad side of the product is that you may not know exactly what to do if there is a problem with it. Some users do not know what to do with their broken products because there is no proper warranty information. Also, after a certain use, a strange taste comes from the ice. Since the ice is too watery, the cubes stick together. This makes it difficult to store and use them afterward.

6- Newair Countertop Ice Maker

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Newair Countertop Ice Maker 1
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The largest one among the 8 countertop ice makers. It can produce ice up to 45 lbs per day. In addition, it has settings to produce ice faster and thicker. The intuitive LCD system shows the settings and warns about deficiencies.

Frozen Fall Technology

Ensures the production of clean and clear ice.

Speed Setting

The special setting produces ice faster.

Pros Cons
Large capacity Loud.
Crystal clear ice Ice sticks together.
Intuitive LCD system Difficult to set up.


Newair Countertop Ice Maker 2

Newair Countertop Ice Maker Review

It has the largest capacity. 40 lbs capacity is excellent for big families and party organizations. There is a setting to speed up ice production. The thickness of the ice is also adjustable by the intuitive system. The system warns you when the machine is full, or there is no water left in the tank to produce ice. It has a unique frozen fall technology to serve the best crystal clear ice for your drinks.

There are also some negative aspects. Users say the ice maker is not operating quietly, and the noise from the machine is disturbing. The size of the ice adjusts from the LCD system, but it isn’t easy to do. You may not always be able to make the adjustments you want. Most importantly, the ice comes out like a sticky tablet. It can be challenging to separate them afterward.

7- hOmeLabs Countertop Portable Ice Maker Machine

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hOmeLabs Countertop Portable Ice Maker Machine 1
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It can make up to 26 lbs of ice per day with its 2.2-liter tank capacity. It has two size preferences: small and medium. It takes max. 10 minutes to produce ice. There is an auto shut-off to prevent excessive ice production.

Size Preference

Produce ice, either small or medium.

Easy Cleaning

After unplugging, it can be cleaned easily with dish soap and a swab.

Pros Cons
Size preference Produce sticky ice.
Easy cleaning Easy melting ice.
Smart system Noisy.

hOmeLabs Countertop Portable Ice Maker Machine 2

hOmeLabs Countertop Portable Ice Maker Machine Review

This portable countertop ice maker is easy to clean. It is the best feature of the machine. Unfortunately, some inner parts of the machine in contact with water cause the occurrence of some health-threatening things. However, you can easily clean this product after unplugging it. You can remove all the dirt with the help of any dish soap and a basic swab or sponge.

It claims that the cylinder cube function produces ice quietly and quickly. But when we compare the speed, it is not faster than any others. Also, according to users, it is not quiet at all. It produces clumps of ice instead of separate ice cubes. It isn’t easy to separate them from each other and use them.

Its system warns the user when the capacity is full. Auto shut-off function shops making ice. It also uses the melted ice in the machine again. The mold or moss may form the inner parts of the machine. Luckily, it is easy to clean. However, it is not good enough to outshine similar models.

8- Mueller Nugget Ice Maker Machine

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It can produce nugget-shaped crunchy ice cubes up to 30 lbs daily. The product comes with a removable basket and an ice scoop to serve the ice. Its automatic sensor provides fresh produce all the time.

Infrared Sensor

Detects that the basket is empty and starts automatic production.

Self-cleaning Function

Keeps the inside of the machine clean.

Pros Cons
Large capacity Noisy operation and panel
Automatic production Slow production
Removable basket Heavy


Mueller Nugget Ice Maker Machine 2

Mueller Nugget Ice Maker Machine Review

It has a larger capacity than most of the other products. As a result, the ice left inside the machine melts. The system detects this when the ice has completely melted and starts producing fresh ice. This way, there is always fresh ice, and the water is not wasted. Production stops automatically when the capacity is full, or there is no water left in the tank to produce ice. It is also easy to use.

According to the users, it works very loudly. But not only that, but also pitched sounds are coming from the panel. Besides, it works pretty slowly. Even if its capacity is large, filling it will take quite a long time. It is a big and heavy machine. Unlike other products, you cannot easily carry this one when you need it somewhere else. But you can carry the ice with the removable basket.

Final Verdict

In our opinion, the best of the 8 ice makers we compared is the Newair Countertop Ice Maker. Its large capacity is an important determinant of being better than others. It produces clean and clear ice. It has a special setting to produce ice faster. You can choose the thickness of the ice cube. Although it has some negative features, it is the best among all.

Some other products have different advantages. For example, we recommend Silonn and AGLUCKY if you have no tolerance for loud voices. These are the quietest machines. Other machines may disturb you with their loud noise. If you are looking for a portable machine to carry to different places, you should avoid Mueller, which is very heavy. All other products are excellent in this respect.

Apart from this, if the possibility of mold and moss formation bothers you, you can choose homeLabs, which is very easy to clean. You can clean it in a short time by using the products you use while washing dishes. Machines with the self-cleaning feature can also make you comfortable with your health. You can buy Silonn, Euhomy, Wizisa, or Mueller if you want an ice maker with a self-cleaning function.

Countertop ice makers are a great convenience. By placing it next to you, you can put ice in your drink without getting up in front of the TV. When you are hosting an event, you don’t have to worry about running out of ice. For this reason, you should get an ice maker. We hope our article can help you to choose the best one.


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