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How to Clean LG Oven with Blue Interior?

How to Clean LG Oven with Blue Interior

Cleaning an oven is a dreadful task for many people. You are aware of this laborious nature if you have scrubbed an oven’s interior. Spraying an oven cleaner with reeking chemicals into a cool oven is part of the manual cleaning process; rubber gloves, a mask, and safety glasses are recommended. Getting rid of all the grease and leftover burnt food residue is time-consuming, especially if you don’t know the lifehacks. The risk of damaging the appliance’s interior walls is another problematic aspect on top of the hardships of scrubbing an oven. 

You need to scrub the entire appliance with a damp cloth while being careful not to get anything on the exposed element after leaving it for a few minutes for the solution to break down crusted spots. After this process, you also need to rinse the wipe to remove any remaining detergent and then wipe the racks, which need to be rinsed in the sink. You should also use an appropriate chemical to get rid of the residues that might be stuck on the racks.

Clean LG Oven Blue Interior

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Luckily this LG appliance is relatively easier to tend because it’s more durable to scratches you need to avoid while wiping your appliance. The materials used in manufacturing this product tend to keep the dirt on its surface. Also, if you don’t use inappropriate products, you will not encounter discoloring of any kind with these types of LG appliances.

The LG oven with a blue interior comes with the EasyClean option, which is much better than the traditional self-clean option we see on many versions. The appliances with this option don’t exactly appear as though tiny robotic arms emerge from the appliance and begin to scrape the walls when you activate the self-cleaning feature. Your appliance becomes really hot when you turn it on, the majority of the time to 900 or 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the appliance reaches that high of a temperature, it burns dirt and debris, reducing them to a fine powder. You simply use a moist paper towel to wipe everything away after that. Because of this, things may become smokey and unpleasant. 

Cleaning LG oven with blue interior using natural ingredients

There are many appliance cleaners you can choose from in the market. They consist of strong chemicals such as sodium hydroxide or amphoteric surfactants. These products may help you wipe your appliance quickly with much less effort. You should exercise caution about the product you use in many appliance types since these products contain strong chemicals that might damage your appliance’s surface. But while wiping the LG appliance, you don’t need to worry about such issues since it’s a highly durable product.

LG Oven

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But still, some people may prefer wiping their appliances with natural ingredients. Using strong chemicals to wipe this product might be tricky. You need to rinse the appliance thoroughly to prevent any possibility of contamination with your food. One of the first possible options to use while wiping an LG oven with a blue interior is using vinegar. Here are the suggested steps to follow:

  • Take out the rack and trays from your LG appliance.
  • Mix white vinegar and two big spoons of table soda with water in a large mixing bowl. 
  • Use a soft sponge with this solution and gently rub the LG appliance.
  • Put the remaining mixture into a heat-resistant bowl such as silicone, glass, or stainless steel.
  • Put the bowl into the appliance without closing its lid.
  • Close the LG appliance’s door and heat it to 100°C, and run it for approximately fifty minutes.
  • Afterward, wipe the interior walls of your LG product, and you’ll see that the dirt residues come off fairly quickly.
LG Oven

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There is also another simple way to wipe your appliance easily, using lemons! The citric acid in lemon helps you greatly on stubborn stains in the LG oven’s blue interior. For this process, you only need two lemons. Here are the suggested steps to follow when wiping your LG appliance’s walls inside using lemon:

  • Extract the lemon juice and place it in a bowl. Place half of the juice you removed in another bowl.
  • Use a brush or sponge to apply some of the previously extracted lemon juice to the appliance’s grimy walls. Turn the appliance on for five minutes.
  • Afterward, put the leftover juice in a heat-resistant bowl inside the appliance. 
  • Heat the LG oven for thirty minutes to 250°C.
  • We suggest you use a sponge or a dry cloth to wipe the LG Oven’s blue interior walls after around thirty minutes.

Cleaning LG oven with blue interior using EasyClean

LG Oven

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EasyClean is a special option that LG offers to its customer who buys the oven with a blue interior. Here are the steps to follow to use this appliance’s functionality to its full extent:

  • First, open the appliance’s door and remove any racks or other accessories that are inside.
  • Use a plastic scraper to remove any charred material from the appliance.
  • Use a water sprayer to thoroughly wet the inside walls, making sure to cover any dirt.
  • Select “Upper Easy Clean” if you are cleaning your upper oven. Press “Lower Easy Clean” to clean your lower oven.
  • When the easy clean cycle is complete, the appliance will make a sound.
  • Select “Clear/Off” from the menu.
  • Afterward, use a soft sponge to clean the blue interiors of the LG appliance.
  • Using a soft, dry towel, remove any excess water from the appliance.


This is an amazing LG product to have in your kitchen. Thanks to the material used in its interior design, it’s rather easy to scrub off the residues and does not get any kind of damage during the process. To prevent smoke or flames caused by oven grease that could affect the flavor of your baking, you should scrub your LG blue inside the oven as needed.

We suggest you use this oven’s outstanding EasyClean function after scrubbing or spraying the mixture with natural ingredients. We promise you that you have never had this oven cleaner than using this process.


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