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8 Best Chef Knives Under $50

thumbnail 8 Best Chef Knives Under $50


Spending time in the kitchen is a great pleasure for some of us. Of course, some people do not like to cook and are excluded from this certain group. Even if we don’t like it, sometimes we have to make dishes with simple recipes. Even when cooking small meals, the time you spend in the kitchen can feel like torture to some. This may be because the kitchen appliances you use while cooking is not good enough for you.

If you want to enjoy the time you spend in the kitchen and cooking, you should choose kitchen appliances that will work for you. A knife is one of the most important kitchen utensils you use while cooking. Because the better it cuts, the sooner it can get your job done. Also, the easier it is to use, the more comfortable cooking can be.

If you are someone who does not cook a lot, there is of course no need for very expensive and ultra-quality tools. That’s why we’ve reviewed the 8 best chef knives under $50 that will make it easier for you to cook while you spend time in the kitchen.

1- Mercer Culinary M20606 Genesis 6-Inch Chef’s Knife

Mercer Culinary M20606 Genesis 6-Inch Chef's Knife

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Grips are non-slip. Not dishwasher safe.
Maintains its sharpness. May rust if misused.
Comfortable to use. Handle paint can be removed after a while.


This chef knife from Mercer Culinary brand is so comfortable that you can use it for hours in the kitchen. It is designed with a simple and comfortable design with your comfort in mind. Its lightweight structure may make you hesitate at first.

You will give up this hesitation when you realize the sharpness it provides after you start using it. With its cold-sensitive and consistent conical design, it will be a great advantage that your hand does not slip while chopping your food.

This blade from the Mercer Culinary brand is precision forged with high-carbon German steel for better durability. In addition, its tapered ground edge provides convenience and greater efficiency during cutting, along with long-lasting sharpness.

Ease of Use

When buying a kitchen utensil that you will use continuously, you give importance to the ease of use and the ease of cleaning of the product. This is especially important for knives. That’s why the Mercer Culinary brand has designed this wonderful knife for you. Comfortable, durable, and efficient genesis knives are designed from high-carbon, unblemished German steel.

Furthermore, this knife features fully forged, one-piece blades. With its thin edges, you can reach a solid and non-slip balance when using the knife and make your meal easy. At the same time, this knife prevents accidents that we do not want to happen with its non-slip design. Black non-slip Santoprene handles make Genesis knives comfortable and safe to hold, increasing efficiency and safety in the kitchen.

2- PAUDIN Chef Knife

PAUDIN Chef Knife

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Stylish design. Not dishwasher safe.
German steel and sharpness. If not dried, it makes water stains and may rust.
Refund policy if not satisfied. Not used on hard materials such as bone.


Before purchasing a product, its appearance is very important as we cannot test its usage and performance. First of all, you need to appeal to your tastes with its design and like it. Chef knife PAUDIN N1 8-inch kitchen knife has a very stylish and high-quality design. It has a wonderful appearance design with the different design of its handle and the combination of German carbon stainless steel.

This 8-inch chef’s knife is multifunctional. With its sharpness, it can easily handle your daily kitchen tasks such as chopping, slicing, mincing, and dicing various kinds of meat, including fish, chicken, and beef, as well as fruits and vegetables. 

Moreover, while providing this, your comfort has also been taken into consideration. It is integrated into its design with a soft and comfortable handle, thus providing an excellent grip. The ergonomic shape provides the right balance between the handle and the thin blade, making it very easy for you to move.

Ease of Use

German stainless steel with 56 Rockwell hardness and only a 15-degree edge on its 0.25mm blade ensures the long-lasting sharpness of this PAUDIN chef’s knife. Thus, you can continue to use it for a long time without becoming dull. The balanced handle with ergonomic design allows you to cut meat, fish, sushi, vegetables, and fruits effortlessly.

Whether you want pineapple or a cutlet, this knife will give you good and easy performance with its great sharpness. Whether you want pineapple or a cutlet, this knife will provide you with good and easy performance with its great sharpness.

The thickness of this kitchen knife is 2mm, which is the ideal size to get the job done best. The design of the blade has been carefully hand-polished by artisans with decades of experience to ensure long-lasting sharpness.

PAUDIN brand always stands behind its customers and products. That’s why they offer you a 100% satisfaction or Money-back policy.

3- Imarku Japanese Chef Knife

imarku Japanese Chef Knife

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Ultra sharpness. Handle weight is light.
Stainless steel used in its construction. It may fade after a while.
16-18% chromium. There is a danger of breakage.


The Japanese chef’s knife of the brand Imarku has a very strong sharpness. The kitchen will give you the vibe of a chef cooking with good equipment. With this pleasure and ease of your experience, cooking can be much easier now. We can say that it has a very good design, performance, and sharpness for its price.

The 8-inch Japanese knife of the ink brand is designed with High carbon stainless steel now. It preserves its function for a long time due to the materials used in its design. In addition, since it is made of high-quality stainless steel, it does not rust if you maintain it manually.

Steel 0.6-0.75 carbon is used to increase the strength of this blade. Because it contains approximately 0.3% carbon, it is twice as hard and sharp as other blades in its class.

Ease of Use

What you expect from a knife are comfortable handling and good sharpness. That’s why we’re writing this article to help you shop for knives for your kitchen, to help you get an idea, and to make it worth your money. Before purchasing this Japanese chef’s knife, you can also consider the users’ reviews. Many users say this knife performs beyond their expectations.

Do not think that we can only chop fruits and vegetables in the kitchen with their sharpness since it comes with 56-58 HRC (Rockwell hardness scale). That way, you can see how sharp it is. With this knife, you can cut and chop meat and chops in the kitchen. It even has the sharpness to separate the meat from the bone easily.

With its ergonomic pakka handle, it doesn’t bother you even if you have it in your hand for a long time. It has been carefully designed with African materials that will minimize your finger numbness, pain, and pain while using it.

You can easily clean it with warm water with the help of a sponge. In this way, thanks to the chromium content of 16-18%, you will not experience corrosion even in long-term use, and you can continue to use it with the appearance of the first day.

4- Aroma House Meat Cleaver 7 inch, Butcher Knife

aroma Meat Cleaver

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Full Tang’s design. Small in size.
Ax-shaped design. If it is not dried, the water stain will remain.
German stainless steel. Light in weight.


Just like the other knives we reviewed, this knife uses German high-carbon stainless steel materials in its design. This increases the durability and performance of the product. The Meat Cleaver is 1 inch smaller in size, unlike the other knives we’ve reviewed. So it’s 7 inches.

High-quality carbon stainless steel greatly increases the hardness of the cooking knife at 58-60 RHC. The metal elements chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium have good special properties for this ax’s strength, hardness, anti-rust, and sharpness.

With its unique design, it can easily slice vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, and onions to the extent you want while cooking in the kitchen. It will be easy to shred even a whole chicken with this knife.

At the same time, the Aroma House brand always has the back of its customers. Acting on the principle of “customer is god,” it provides you with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Ease of Use

The handle of the ergonomically designed meat cleaver knife is Full Tang, which can prevent the blade of a chef’s knife from falling off easily, helping you achieve a good grip feeling and non-slip effect. The kitchen ax butcher knife is designed to provide great beauty and flawless performance.

You can use it for cutting, chopping, slicing, and deboning. It is also perfect and suitable for dividing vegetables and nuts such as pineapple and coconut. You can easily resharpen it. It is also very convenient and simple to maintain and clean.

Coming to its cleanliness and ease of maintenance, this kitchen knife is 17° all around and can be hand-polished like a mirror, allowing for ultra-fine slicing and dicing with minimal effort. In this way, you and your family and friends will appreciate the food you make.

This wide-blade Chinese row knife is designed to keep the cook’s fingers off the cutting surface. This professional chef’s knife is sent to you in its sturdy box with a magnetic lid, which is very easy to open and provides safety and protection against possible stains.

5- Freelander Forging Serbian Chef Knife

Forging Serbian Chef Knife

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Leather case and box gift. It can rust in a short time if you don’t take care of it.
Steel-hammer design. Can’t be put in the dishwasher.
Full Tang handle. The paint on the handle may run off after a while.


This Serbian chef’s knife is forged from high manganese steel, its blade uses a V-shaped and fine processing blade, which can maintain the sharpness of a kitchen knife for a long time with incredible strength and quality.

The Chinese knife is suitable for cutting even your favorite hard-shelled foods, excluding meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, or bones. You can always use it easily in your daily kitchen cutting work and get a good cutting, chopping, and shredding result.

The butcher knife has a hardness of HRC 62, providing maximum cutting performance and durability. Unlike other knives, this knife is very suitable for cutting bones such as ribs, mini bones, and turkeys. With a sharp knife, the meat cleaver can effortlessly cut the meat smoothly. Cutting many types of meat, such as lamb, chicken, pork, and fish can now be easy for you thanks to this knife.

Ease of Use

If you have good and comfortable materials, spending time in the kitchen and cooking will become enjoyable for you. We are working hard so that you can experience this pleasure. Forging a Serbian chef knife can give you this pleasure in the kitchen with its sharpness, comfort, and high performance. The handle of this knife is integrated without soldering to eliminate the broken handle, which is sturdy and durable.

The ergonomic Full Tang handle allows you to hold the knife comfortably while chopping. Thanks to the materials used in the handle design, it is non-slip and gives importance to your safety by preventing the sliding effect.

The Pakkawood handle increases the efficiency and dullness of the handle you hold to make it easier to hold the knife, so even if you use it for a long time, you will not get tired by feeling things like finger numbness, aches, and pains.

Also, this knife comes with a sheath and a gift box to keep and protect the knife well. The leather case has an iron buckle, so you can hang it on marble, belt, tree, etc. In this way, you can hang it comfortably in the leather sheath, and you can easily take the knife with you while camping, hunting, and barbecuing.

6- DDF iohEF Kitchen Knife, Chef’s Knife

DDF iohEF Kitchen Knife

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Double-sided. Does not cut hard-shelled fruits.
Stainless steel. It is small in size.
Box gift for enclosure. Not machine washable.


This chef knife is made with 5Cr15Mov material. That’s why we can say that your knife is very sharp and durable. To completely cut meat, vegetables, and fruit, ts (0.45% to 0.55% carbon content and 14% to 15% chromium) substances are included in the materials used when designing the blade. Also, this knife is a double-sided sign, which is thought to be used for left-handed and right-handed users.

In its design, a thin blade was designed by keeping the balance of hardness and sharpness in mind. In this way, you can easily cut the vegetables in the most thinly.

This chef’s knife is made of professional German stainless steel with a carbon content of 0.45% to 0.55% and a chromium content of 14% to 15%. Due to its professional design, this knife is very sharp and durable, and its hardness can reach up to 58. While this increases your efficiency in the kitchen while you cook, it also saves you time because it will save you the trouble of chopping and cutting something for a long time and with effort.

Ease of Use

The most important consideration when buying a knife is, of course, its sharpness. Because if it is not sharp enough, that knife cannot fulfill its function. This will also be a problem for you. Because you’re wasting your money. Even if it doesn’t have enough sharpness, you need to show more strength and effort when cutting, chopping, shredding, and separating things while preparing food. This situation will both tire you more and steal more of your time.

None of us want these situations to happen. That’s why we strive for you to avoid these situations. This professional 7-inch cooking knife, which we have chosen for you to review, can be used as a multi-functional chef’s knife. With this kitchen knife, you can easily do your daily kitchen tasks such as chopping, slicing, and shredding vegetables, fruits, meat, and cheese.

The blade has a thin tip on the handle. Thanks to this tip, you can easily remove things like potato sprouts or other bad parts that will prevent you while cooking with this tip. Also, this thin tip design is designed for your safety to prevent unwanted accidents that may occur while using the knife.

7- Purple Dragon Meat Cleaver Hand-Forged Full Tang Kitchen Knife

Purple Dragon Meat Cleaver

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Cool design. Wooden handle is fragile.
Gift with box and leather case. It will rust if not kept dry.
Easily portable to any place. Not machine washable.


This full-tang kitchen knife, designed by the Purple Dragon brand, is very high quality and durable. Because this professional meat knife is a hand-forged blade with high-carbon steel made of stainless steel. High carbon steel is tough and makes the blade sharp. You may need to keep our butcher knife clean and dry after each use to prevent rust and stains.

Therefore, be sure to dry the blade with a tissue when lifting it after rinsing. Compared to kitchen knives made of stainless steel, we can say that this high-quality bone knife with a solid blade has a better ability to maintain sharp edges and provide a longer service life.

The thickness of this kitchen knife is 3.4mm. Its hand-polished edge is 16 degrees to the edge, which is sturdy and sharp to perfectly cook and complete the dishes you make in your kitchen.

The unique 60-degree blade on top is processed through multi-channel composite processes for fine grinding and durability. This extremely sharp blade provides unmatched productivity. That’s why your work in the kitchen is finished faster and easier without tiring.

Ease of Use

Although spending time in the kitchen is sometimes enjoyable, you can have very busy times in daily life. During these periods, your time to cook is very limited. Therefore, it is very important to choose easy and practical food materials for you. Every kitchen needs such a versatile and practical knife.

This professional row knife is designed to tackle heavy-duty tasks like chopping chicken, duck, ribs, and lamb chops. It can also handle daily kitchen tasks such as mincing, slicing, dicing, and chopping vegetables or meat. You can easily chop vegetables and fruits with this knife.

Don’t be intimidated by fruits with hard skins like pineapple or coconut. This line knife can easily come over them immediately. Wherever you are, this knife will be your practical assistant. This multi-purpose knife will be a good choice for the kitchen, camping, barbecue, hunting, or hiking. A gift leather sheath is sent to you next to the knife. In this way, you can carry the knife comfortably.

8- ICFPWR Chef Knife, 8 Inch Kitchen Knife

ICFPWR Professional Ultra Sharp Knives

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The chef’s knife, made of German carbon stainless steel, is very sharp and long-lasting. Suitable for home cooks and professional cooks alike. You can easily achieve cutting with this knife. We think it can deliver the performance you expect from a kitchen knife.

Of course, as long as you use it regularly and do the maintenance and cleaning, you need to do it. ICFPWR blades combine German blade technology with uniquely meticulous Japanese blade technology to design a wonderful and professional blade.

With multiple hand polishing, each side of the blade is angled at 15 degrees to maximize cutting precision and edge retention to ensure durability. Long-lasting sharpness increases your cooking efficiency. To make your cooking easier, this knife is quite suitable.

We can say that this kitchen knife, designed with high carbon stainless steel and a wooden handle, performs above its price according to the users’ comments. It will give you value for your money.

Ease of Use

The best way to enjoy spending time in the kitchen is to prepare meals using kitchen materials that can manage and make you easy, even if you are not a professional. That’s why a knife is one of the most important cooking tools. This knife can accompany you for a long time with its sharpness and wooden handle.

You have to be very careful with its maintenance. The integrated design of the chef’s knife blade and ergonomic wooden handle design can minimize wrist strain. Thus, it allows you to cut effortlessly, effortlessly, and comfortably.

After use, always clean and dry with a soft cloth, which can prolong the service life of kitchen knives. You can use a knife sharpener to sharpen the chef’s knife periodically. If you feel that the sharpness of your knife has decreased and your knife has become dull, you can sharpen your chef’s knife to bring it back to its original sharpness.

When we look at the user comments, we can say that no user who bought this product has given a rating of less than 4 stars, which shows that the product is satisfactory enough.

Final Verdict

There may be those among us who love to spend time in the kitchen and those who do not enjoy this situation. Of course, cooking is a skill. But in addition to talent, the tools and materials you use in the kitchen while cooking are also very important. The knife is one of the most important kitchen utensils. That’s why we talked about the best chef knives under $50 for you today and reviewed them together.

We are very curious about which of the 8 different knives we have chosen for you attracts you the most. We have presented many knife models with different brands but similar materials and features, with good and bad features. Now it’s your turn to choose between them. You have to think well and decide.

Because as we told you, the knife, we ​​use while cooking is very important. If you like to cook, eat and feed those around you, you should have a good-quality knife. Both you and the people around you who taste the food you cook will be satisfied with the dishes you cook using a good knife.


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