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WÜSTHOF 7-Inch Santoku Knife Review

WÜSTHOF 7-Inch Santoku Knife


Every home cook and professional chef needs a reliable and versatile kitchen knife, and the WÜSTHOF 7-Inch Santoku Knife is just that. This knife is part of the WÜSTHOF Classic Series, the company’s best-selling line of knives, renowned for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

The 7-inch Santoku knife is designed with a thinner blade and hollow edge, making it perfect for chopping, slicing, and dicing a variety of fruits, vegetables, and meats. In this review, we’ll explore the features of this knife, its pros and cons, and who this product is best suited for.

Pros Cons
Versatile – can be used for chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing Not dishwasher safe
Precision forged and tempered – ensures strength and durability May be too heavy for some users
Razor sharp blade – cuts through food effortlessly May require sharpening more frequently than other knives
Full tang and triple-riveted handle – provides balance and control Higher price point compared to other knives

WÜSTHOF 7-Inch Santoku Knife

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Who Is This Product For?

The WÜSTHOF 7-Inch Santoku Knife is perfect for anyone who loves to cook and wants a versatile, high-quality knife that can handle a variety of tasks in the kitchen. It’s an excellent choice for home cooks and professional chefs alike, and it’s especially well-suited for those who frequently prepare fruits, vegetables, and meats.

If you’re someone who values quality and craftsmanship in your kitchen tools and doesn’t mind investing a bit more money in a long-lasting knife, then the WÜSTHOF 7-Inch Santoku Knife is definitely worth considering.

The Features of the WÜSTHOF 7-Inch Santoku Knife

The WÜSTHOF 7-Inch Santoku Knife is a precision tool designed for optimal performance in the kitchen. This versatile knife has a range of features that make it stand out from other knives on the market. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this knife so special.

Full Tang and Triple Riveted Handle

The WÜSTHOF Classic Series knives feature full tang construction, which means that the blade extends all the way through the handle. This design provides balance and strength to the knife, making it easier to control when cutting. The triple riveted handle also offers a secure and comfortable grip, even when using the knife for extended periods of time.

The full tang and triple riveted handle are essential components of the WÜSTHOF 7-Inch Santoku Knife. These features provide the knife with a solid and sturdy feel that instills confidence in the user. You won’t have to worry about the knife slipping out of your hand or losing control when using it.

Full Bolster and Finger Guard

The WÜSTHOF 7-Inch Santoku Knife also features a full bolster and finger guard, which add extra safety and balance to the knife. The full bolster provides a smooth transition from the blade to the handle, while the finger guard prevents your fingers from slipping onto the blade. This design is especially useful when cutting through tough meats or hard vegetables.

The full bolster and finger guard work together to create a knife that is not only safe to use but also comfortable. You won’t have to worry about hand fatigue or discomfort when using this knife for extended periods.

WÜSTHOF 7-Inch Santoku Knife

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Razor Sharp Blade

One of the most important features of any knife is its blade, and the WÜSTHOF 7-Inch Santoku Knife has an exceptional one. The high carbon stainless steel blade is precisely cut with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring that it is incredibly sharp and easy to maintain.

The Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) used in the production of this knife yields a blade that is 20% sharper with twice the edge retention than previous models. This means that you won’t have to sharpen the blade as often, saving you time and effort. The razor-sharp blade is perfect for slicing through fruits, vegetables, and meats with ease. It can handle even the toughest of ingredients without dulling or losing its edge.

Centuries of Tradition

WÜSTHOF is a family-owned company that has been producing high-quality knives for over 200 years. Their cutlery carries the Solingen name, which is a designation reserved for products that meet the strictest quality standards.

The WÜSTHOF 7-Inch Santoku Knife is no exception to this tradition of excellence. Its design and construction are the result of centuries of experience and expertise in knife manufacturing. When you use this knife, you are holding a piece of history in your hands.

In conclusion, the WÜSTHOF 7-Inch Santoku Knife is a top-of-the-line kitchen tool that is perfect for anyone who loves to cook. Its full tang and triple riveted handle provide balance and control, while the full bolster and finger guard add safety and comfort. The razor-sharp blade makes cutting through tough ingredients a breeze, and its durability ensures that it will last for years to come. With centuries of tradition behind it, the WÜSTHOF 7-Inch Santoku Knife is a must-have for any home cook or professional chef.

Final Verdict

The WÜSTHOF 7-Inch Santoku Knife is an exceptional kitchen tool that lives up to the company’s reputation for precision and quality. Its versatility and sharpness make it perfect for a wide range of kitchen tasks, and its construction ensures it will last for years to come. While it may be pricier than other knives on the market, its durability and performance make it a worthwhile investment for any serious home cook or professional chef.

One thing to note is that this knife is not dishwasher safe, which may be a drawback for some users who prefer the convenience of machine washing. Additionally, some users may find the knife to be a bit heavy, which could be a concern for those with hand or wrist issues. Overall, the WÜSTHOF 7-Inch Santoku Knife is a must-have kitchen workhorse for anyone who takes cooking seriously. With its precision and durability, it’s sure to become a go-to tool for all your meal preparations.

WÜSTHOF Classic 7" Santoku Knife
  • KITCHEN WORKHORSE – The WÜSTHOF 7” Classic Santoku is essential for preparing any meal. This all-purpose cook’s knife can be used for chopping, mincing, slicing and dicing
  • WÜSTHOF CLASSIC SERIES – The Full Tang, Triple Riveted handles of the Classic Line offer the widest range of cutlery that can satisfy every home cook or professional chef. The WÜSTHOF Classic Series has been our best-selling series for generations
  • PRECISION FORGED – The 7” Santoku is forged from a single block of High Carbon Stainless Steel and tempered to 58-degree HRC. The Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) yields a blade that is 20% sharper with twice the edge retention than previous models. WÜSTHOF Classic Series Knives feature a full bolster and finger guard
  • RAZOR SHARP – High Carbon Stainless Steel Blades, precisely cut with the latest state of the art technology for incredible sharpness and easy maintenance. WÜSTHOF kitchen knives are Hand Wash Only
  • CENTURIES OF TRADITION – Family owned for seven generations, WÜSTHOF was founded in Solingen, Germany over 200 years ago. WÜSTHOF’s cutlery carries the Solingen name, a designation reserved for products that meet the strictest quality standards

Top Amazon Customer Comments

Reviewer22 – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: This has rapidly become our favorite Wusthof. Probably not as fast at chopping as a chef’s knife, IF you are really proficient at chopping at warp speed like a pro chef, because you can’t rock it; but for the rest of us this is a GREAT knife.

Bryan J. Kautzman – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: The primary reason I purchased this knife was for cutting chicken breasts into cutlets. The ol’ chef’s knife just wasn’t “cutting it”. Erm, okay…

Steven Marton – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Holds an edge great! I haven’t had to sharpen it, except run it over a rod a few times in the many months since I bough it, and it’s still very sharp.

Rob S. – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I’ve had this knife since December 2021. I cook almost every day. I really like a sharp knife. I have a Chefs Choice 3 wheel electric sharpener. As I started to use this knife I noticed it just didn’t seem to be getting dull. I decided to see how long I could use the knife without sharpening it. The answer is ’til last night. I used the frickin thing for 5 months with any sharpening at all. When I tested the sharpness it was still pretty good. Sliced thru a sheet of paper with a few little hesitations. So I gave it ZERO passes on the rough wheel, 2 passes each side on the medium wheel, and 5 or 6 passes on the polishing wheel. That’s all it took. It now slices of pieces of paper smoothly. That’s as sharp as I usually go. Next time I’ll see if I can get it arm-hair-shaving sharp.

hol – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Love the size and feel of the handle of this knife. Although it is a short blade (5″) it works great even for larger vegetables like cabbage.

ED – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Wonderful knife! It is so sharp and cuts beautifully.

Jj Jj – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: V sharp, nice and pretty knife! I am a regular user who had made three purchases of knives on Amazon over the past three months. 1) a pair of Zwilling signatures, 2) this one, 3) a Zwilling Gourmet Chinese. Had to return 1 and 3 because they were v disappointing.

cynthia – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Love this paring knife. It has some heft in the handle and is well balanced. Nice and sharp for paring. Best product I’ve ever purchased on Amazon ever. Be sure to hand wash and dry well after each use.


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