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Kizen Digital Meat Thermometer with Probe Review

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Cooking food can be tricky. Most of us have probably seen our parents cook with no measurements while growing up. With years of experience behind them, they could see if the dish needed something or if it was at the right temperature just by looking at it. But sometimes, the heat has to be precise. Many dishes require exact numbers for the food to come out perfect.

For moments like these, a thermometer comes in handy. Various thermometers are available for taking all sorts of measurements, like meat, baked goods, drinks, etc. However, some of them can handle anything.

Today we will look at the Kizen Digital Meat Thermometer With Probe. Even though its intended use is for meat, this device by Kizen claims to work for all sorts of things. From beverages to oils, this digital meat thermometer has many tricks.

You might think that you don’t need such a piece of equipment in the kitchen. But when cooking meat, you have to be confident in your food’s temperature for your health’s safety. So we will be going over the features that the Digital meat thermometer by Kizen has to offer and decide if it’s worth your money.

Pros Cons
Fast reading Limited usage
Waterproof Battery powered
Inexpensive Does not rotate backward
Multifunctional Plastic shell

Who Is This Product For?

A Digital meat thermometer is mainly for people who love to have meat frequently. Whether you enjoy grilling outdoors, cooking meat in the oven, or boiling them, a thermometer helps you achieve the perfect temperature.

Especially for those who have a certain preference for doneness with their steak, the Kizen Digital Meat Thermometer With Probe ensures that you have the steak you deserve.

As we stated, this device is not only for meat. If you like fried food, this thermometer can also measure the temperature of the oil. You can put the probe tip in the oil inside your pan or deep fryer, and the Digital meat thermometer will read the temperature in seconds.

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You can use it to measure your beverages and check your boiling water. Many pastry chefs use it to check when tempering chocolate or candy making. Another function can be to measure the temperature of formula or breast milk after heating it for your baby. As you can see, the possibilities are endless with such a handy thermometer. As it is also inexpensive, it is suitable for beginner chefs or your friend as a gift.

The Features of Kizen Digital Meat Thermometer with Probe


The Digital meat thermometer by Kizen is not exactly a technological marvel, but it does not have to be one, as it fulfills its duty just fine. The Kizen has a plastic frame and outer layer with a metal stick on its tip.

The metal conducts heat well while the handle stays cool to the touch, so your fingers stay safe. However, the metal tip of the Digital meat thermometer by Kizen is very sharp to pierce the flesh of any meat. Thus you have to be careful while using it.

Even though it is a digital machine with electronic parts, it is completely waterproof. The shell completely protects the inside of the device, thus you won’t have to worry about your gadget breaking because of meat juice or beverages.

However, it is essential to note that the Kizen is not dishwasher safe and damaging it in this way is outside the conditions of the warranty. If you wish to clean your digital meat thermometer by Kizen, you can run some warm water over it. The whole gadget, when fully extended, is about 40 cm long and fits in your pocket when the metal tip is retracted.


A digital meat thermometer can sometimes look clunky if it is not designed well. Most of them come as a long, straight device that’s far too long to store in a drawer. However, the Kizen Digital Meat Thermometer With Probe is easy to handle as the probe is closed when you are not using it.

The Kizen becomes a slim and thin gadget that can be put anywhere. Moreover, the Kizen has a hole at the base, which you can use to hang to any hook. This design allows the digital meat thermometer to take up less space in your kitchen.

The front of the Kizen combines a simplistic design with helpful information to provide the best experience. For example, a temperature chart for the most common meats and their doneness level is included on the left. This helps amateur cooks carry on with their meals without needing to look things up on the internet.

The LED screen of the Digital meat thermometer by Kizen is large and bright enough to be comfortably read. It also has a magnet inside if you want to mount it on your fridge. If you are specific about your preferences in the kitchen, the device comes in three different colors to choose from; Black/white, black/red, and red/white.

Ease of Use

kizen thermometer (1)
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Any cook will tell you that you cannot be too slow when cooking at certain temperatures, as ingredients tend to lose or gain heat very quickly. That’s why your thermometer needs to be fast and efficient.

The Digital meat thermometer by Kizen claims that its device can detect and read temperatures in less than four seconds. This means you can have much more control in your kitchen. It also has a button to hold the reading on the screen for easy readings. In addition, the calibration feature lets you set and keep track of the numbers.

Another impressive feature of the Kizen is the option to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. This can be done with the click of a button and shows accurate temperatures in both forms.

If you are outside of the U.S. or simply following an international recipe, you won’t ever need to convert temperatures yourself. The device does not have an on/off button; it simply opens when the probe is extended and closes when you retract. Unfortunately, the device does not have an audio reader like other Kizen products. But Kizen claims that the device has long battery life.


One of the biggest reasons this Digital meat thermometer from Kizen has become popular is its price. Even though it has many features and an intelligent design, the device is surprisingly cheap.

The retail price for the Kizen is 24 dollars, although you can easily find half-off deals on Amazon and get it for 12 dollars. For a device that will make your experience in the kitchen much more pleasant and efficient, it is quite worth the money. You can find this product on the official Kizen website or other retail sites like Amazon.

To name some alternative products, we can list the Mossrw thermometer that came out in 2022. It is a bit more expensive than the Kizen but has a charging port and doesn’t require batteries. Another alternative is the Escali thermometer, a manual one with a clunky look, hence the lower price.

The Kizen is one of the best-selling thermometers out there, with over sixty thousand Amazon reviews. It has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 as most customers were happy with their purchase.

Although some have expressed some negative experiences as well, the company offers a lifetime warranty on this item in case it breaks. Also, if you are disappointed with the product, you can apply for a refund within thirty days of your purchase. Finally, the device comes with the batteries installed and will require two CR2032 batteries when you need to change it.

Final Verdict

Cooking can be very challenging for beginners. You might feel overwhelmed with how fast everything happens in the kitchen. Although it is essential to go at your own pace, taking measurements and recipes seriously is also important. A good thermometer is crucial in any aspiring chef’s kitchen.

We have looked at everything the Kizen Digital Meat Thermometer With Probe offers. The multifunctional technology and intelligent design make it stand out among its competitors. Whether you enjoy meat, fried food, sweets, or hot beverages, this device will surely be the star of your kitchen in its practicality.

The overwhelming amount of positive reviews customers leave shows you how much of a difference it can make. Although the device’s longevity is still questionable, for such a low price, we doubt that it will matter in the long run.

Make sure to do all the necessary research before buying any kitchen gadget. And if you are considering buying it as a gift for your friend, don’t forget to take their opinion. Ultimately, you must be prepared for any meal you decide to serve and be confident in its excellence.

KIZEN Instant Read Meat Thermometer Digital - Food Thermometer for Cooking, Grill, Oven, BBQ - Probe Thermometer for Kitchen
  • ULTRA FAST - Enjoy a perfectly cooked meal every time! Our pre-calibrated, instant read thermometer takes food and liquid temperatures in as quick as 3 seconds.
  • MULTI USE KITCHEN THERMOMETER - A good cooking thermometer is one that can do it all. The KIZEN food thermometer works for grilling and roasting meat, baking bread, making candy, and more.
  • EASY TO READ - Perfect for the kitchen or grilling at night, our digital thermometer for cooking displays the temperature of your food or liquid on a large, backlit LED screen.
  • WATERPROOF - We not only made this meat thermometer digital, but also a breeze to clean. Simply wash the temperature probe and body of the food thermometer in running water (not dishwasher safe).
  • READY FOR GRILLING SEASON - Get ready for summer cookouts and backyard bbq's with the KIZEN instant read food thermometer. Whether you're a seasoned grillmaster or looking for last minute bbq accessories, KIZEN can help you dominate the grill all summer long!

Top Amazon Customer Comments

Jon M. – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: This is actually the 2nd one of these I bought because of the old cliche, my dog ate it… Luckily he didn’t get the battery on the first one because I used it so much I needed to change the battery and it didn’t have one in it.

Dinzer Cradness – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: The Kizen Digital Thermometer works great, is simple to use, and is accurate. It can be used for anything you are cooking or baking, from -58° to 572° F (-50° to 300° C)—wow! Just swing the probe out and it automatically turns on. Swing the probe back to its original position to shut it off. One button lets you chnge it from Fahrenheit to Celsius or vice-versa. Push another button, and you can either HOLD the temperature so that it doesn’t change; push it a second time and you get a MAXimum temperature; push it a third time and you get a MINimum temperature. The third button lights up the temperature reading in a pleasant blue light, in case you’re in a dark room (or a darkroom!); press it again and the light goes off. Plus it has suggestions of ideal temperatures prined right on it for poultry; beef/lamb/pork/veal (including well done, medium, and medium-rare); ground meat; and fish which is the only animal protein I eat. I mostly use it for liquids. It is magnetic for your fridge door or another metallic surface. On the back is an easy to replace CR2032H 3V lithium battery. They thought of everything!

Joyce Ann Lassiter – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: This Digital Meat Thermometer is WONDERFUL!!!! Have purchased 4 of them, they make great gifts. They are spot on accurate. I never grill or air fry without it. I use mine 3 – 4 times a week. Durable, easy to clean, uses 1 x AAA battery, have not had to change the battery yet. I am a 100% satisfied customer.

E. Stone – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: What a surprise how wonderful this thermometer works. I have always wanted a digital thermometer. My cooking has really improved since I can check my food as it is cooking. I have a tendency to overcook my meat. With this thermometer, no more overcooking. When you flip out the metal rod to read the temperature, I would rather the light came on at the same time. You have to hold the button to make the light work. This a great thermometer. So glad I ordered it.

BEN – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: The manufacturer put a lot of thought into this little thermometer. Things I did not realize when I hurriedly picked it out of dozens of similarly priced items that showed up on my Amazon search list. I’ll just list two. It has a built in magnet so it sticks to the side of my stove or refrigerator and is always handy. Secondly, it comes with directions on how to use a glass of ice water to recalibrate, if needed, using the “calibrate” button. That’s pretty impressive for the price.

BEN – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Definitely buy this one! I cook a lot of chicken and pork and this is so quick and easy to use. It’s magnetic and conveniently sticks to the fridge between uses.

Baker – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I’ve wanted a magnetic probe thermometer for a while, but most of the ones on I’ve seen leave you to fend for yourself as to what the proper temperature is for chicken or pork. I love that this one has it printed on the front – now you not only know what temp your food is, but if it’s ready to eat.

100indecisions – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Your food is always properly cooked. There is no more guessing and finding it overcooked or undercooked. I bought this for my grandson who just moved into his first apartment and he was thrilled. I also have purchased several for other family members over time and everyone loves it! I use mine all the time! 


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