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Bosch 800 Series Microwave Combination Wall Oven Review

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For your all-in-one cooking center, this Bosch HBL8743UC 30″ 800 series speed combination oven has a 1.6 cu. ft. speed oven and a 4.6 cu. ft. main oven capacity. Along with 9 Speed Chef programs, a self-cleaning cycle, a real European convection bottom oven, and Home Connect for remote monitoring and control.

With a higher-speed oven and a genuine European convection oven below, you can create an all-in-one cooking station. To quickly reheat leftovers or warm frozen dishes, use a speed oven with 10 power levels, similar to a microwave. Even when utilizing all three racks at once, the convection multi-rack mode in the lower oven produces homogeneous baking results. Utilizing the self-clean cycle, you may unwind or spend time on other tasks while the oven is cleaning itself.

Pros Cons
Digital Display The display may become dim after some time
Different Cooking Modes Microwave doors may have some issues
Stainless Steel  

Who is This Product For?

If you need a microwave and an oven but can’t afford to purchase two different products, then this 2-in-1 oven is definitely for you. The Bosch Speed Oven in the upper compartment can be used as a microwave and cooks food more quickly than a conventional oven.

The Bosch Speed Oven in the upper compartment can be used as a microwave and cooks food more quickly than a conventional oven. Even when utilizing all three racks at once, the convection multi-rack mode in the lower oven produces homogeneous baking results. Late family or visitors to dinner? Use the warm setting to keep food warm in the lower oven without overcooking it until it’s time to serve.

In comparison to being left on the counter, the proof mode of a lower oven maintains a low temperature to proof yeast doughs for an even and quicker rise. Closed-door broiling provides rich, even browning on tender cuts of meat by preventing intense heat from escaping the lower oven.

Bosch 800 Series Microwave Combination Wall Oven, closer

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Features of Bosch 800 Series Microwave Combination Wall Oven


To avoid using harsh chemicals to remove stains and difficult-to-remove residue from your oven, the self-cleaning mechanism of the oven can turn leftover food into ash. After self-cleaning mode, simply wipe and remove the remnants. When the oven is in the self-cleaning cycle, avoid blocking the vents.

Small amounts of carbon monoxide may be produced during the soil removal phase of self-cleaning, and the fiberglass insulation may emit very trace levels of formaldehyde during the initial cleaning cycles. Use a ventilation fan or hood, or open a window for optimum ventilation, to reduce exposure to these toxins.

Parts of the appliance may become potentially harmful during the self-clean cycle to those who don’t have adult knowledge of appliances or adult reactions to potentially dangerous situations—the display changes to 0:00 when self-cleaning is complete. On the timer display, the default self-clean time “4:00” blinks.

A self-clean time of between two and four hours can be selected, as well as a delayed start. Under the display, press the appropriate soft key. Allow the oven to cool down if it’s too hot to start the self-clean cycle. Always remove any large spills or loose soils before using the self-cleaning cycle. Set the maximum self-clean time if the oven is very dirty. To get rid of the smell more quickly, use the self-cleaning mode.

Remote Start

You must turn on Remote Start if you wish to use your mobile device to start an oven operation, which gives the customer the option to remotely start, pause, and cancel oven programs using the Home ConnectTM app on a mobile device. The Home ConnectTM app can be used to activate a permanent Remote start.

Without automatically deactivating Remote start, this function enables remote starting of the available operating modes. A remote start can be used only after the Home ConnectTM setup has been successfully finished. Only the oven itself can begin some operating modes.

The remote start feature of the appliance is automatically turned on when you turn on the oven. As a result, you can start a new operation or make adjustments from your mobile device. In some cases, after enabling Remote Start, opening the oven door will make it inactive.

If so, clicking Remote Start will make it active once more. Using the Home Connect app on your smartphone or tablet, you can remotely start and monitor your Bosch wall oven. When the remote start is turned on, the remote control also turns on automatically.

Sabbath Mode

Bosch 800 Series Microwave Combination Wall Oven, kitchen

The oven’s automatic shutoff is bypassed when keeping the Sabbath and other religious holidays. People of specific faiths can use their ovens on the Sabbath thanks to the Sabbath setting. There is a maximum heating time. The oven has a timer that turns it off automatically if you fail to close it. The Sabbath mode can be used for a total of 74 hours. The longest period permitted for all other heating modes is 24 hours.

People of specific faiths can use their ovens on the Sabbath thanks to the Sabbath setting. Only the bake mode offers the Sabbath mode. You can choose a temperature range between 100°F and 450°F. A period of up to 74 hours may be specified. There are no probe, kitchen timer, or oven timer features in Sabbath mode. While the oven is on Sabbath mode, pressing any of the buttons will have no impact.

When Sabbath Mode is activated, and the oven light is on, the light stays on. The light stays off if it is off when Sabbath Mode is on. For double ovens, you can use Sabbath mode simultaneously in both oven cavities and only one cavity. The two oven cavities share one Sabbath mode timer, but you can set different temperatures for each cavity.

Starting the Sabbath mode from the Home ConnectTM app might only be possible for one oven cavity. According to the display, Sabbath mode is unavailable if the oven or kitchen timer is operating. Set the heating mode and temperature for both oven cavities if you wish to utilize Sabbath mode.

While Sabbath mode is on, the temperature can be changed. Utilizing the numeric keypad, enter the desired value. No auditory or visible feedback is provided in response to input. Sabbath mode is not available, according to the display, if the oven or kitchen timer is operating.

Temperature Offset

For precise results, the oven is calibrated. If you prefer your meal to be lighter or darker, this option is helpful. When an offset temperature is used, the actual oven temperature increases or decreases by this amount. Residential oven thermometers should not be used to measure oven temperatures since they will change as food is cooked.

A temperature offset from the manufacturer’s standard can be specified. The factory baseline temperature is restored, so you can specify a new offset value each time you input the temperature offset in the basic settings menu. The oven temperature needs to be recalibrated if the meal is overcooked. It is possible to adjust the temperature if the meal is frequently too light or too brown.

From pastries to casseroles, you can cook a range of foods with the Bake mode. Consult the recipe or package directions for oven setting and baking time. Temperature deviation, for bake, convection bake, roast, convection roast, and convection multi-rack, the temperature offset value is set.

The actual oven temperature is raised or lowered when an offset value is entered. This function can be helpful if food is too brown or too pale. The actual oven temperature is raised or lowered by the offset value that is entered. If food is either too light or too brown, this function can be helpful.

Final Verdict

This is the end of our review of the Bosch 800 Series Microwave Combination Wall Oven. We have talked about the ups and downs, the pros and cons of the Bosch 800 Series Microwave Combination Wall Oven.

We have given insight into the Bosch 800 Series Microwave Combination Wall Oven’s key features and performance. We hope you enjoyed our review and found answers to your questions about the product. Have a good day, and take care of yourself!

Bosch HBL8751UC 800 30" Stainless Steel Electric Combination Wall Oven - Convection - Speed Oven
  • European Convection Oven
  • Convection Microwave
  • 12 Cooking Modes
  • Self-Clean
  • Fast Preheat

Top Amazon Customer Comments

Ian – ⭐⭐⭐

Review: UPDATE: I have had this unit for 2 years now and the top display began to dim. I called Bosch and they said that there isn’t a way to replace the bulb and that the entire display on the microwave needs to be replaced. Fortunately, I had the Square Trade warranty extension. Let me tell you that my experience with Square Trade was amazing. They took care of everything. I highly recommend it!

skeaves – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Love

Louis A. Messer – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I have the HMC80251UC over a matching Convection oven and warming drawer. I am positive about the performance, but there is a critical omission in the instruction book that has made a lot of very unhappy customers who have crossed Bosch off of their list forever. I an a retired electronics engineer and I have been a serious cook for decades. Also, during the last 30 years of my career, I have served on numerous design review and failure review boards. Most of the complaints are that the display grew too dim to use. The life span varied from a few months to two years. My display did the same thing over two years. Unfortunately, Bosch does not sell the display module alone. One has to buy the entire top level Control Panel Assembly. The part cost $200 directly from Bosch, not $400 as reported by some. I easily replaced it myself. Having researched the failure mode, I can tell you how to avoid future premature failures in the future. Incidently, the problem is not unique to the Combination oven. The same thing can happen to their regular convection ovens.

Reviewer – ⭐⭐

Review: Note: Edited this review. 2019 Spring, after too many attempts to get Bosch to address these issues. They finally sento out a local Bosch Tech, that addressed each of the issues. I modified the review from 1 start to 2 stars. It simply should not have been this hard, nor should it have taken multiple repairs from multiple appliance repair tech’s to fix. The microwave upper oven is a HMC80251UC/01, in less than three years the switches that detect door position failed causing an internal fuse to go. Expensive to repair, just out of warranty. Can be repaired on your own if you have tools and experience, but requires removing oven to access panel from above. Poor design. Furthermore, door hinge springs for the microwave also just failed <4 years. We are gentle with our appliances, yet this was an expensive mistake to purchase this otherwise nice Oven combo. As for warranty support. Bosch seems to use an independent warranty service company in US, that “appears to be a Bosch” company, but in reality they are independent from Bosch and look to preserve profit rather than do the right thing. This company then asks you to contact an authorized appliance repair. That appliance repair company may contract to independent appliance repair person. Bosch does not stand behind their product if out fo network repairs are performed. The US based company that acts on Bosch’s behalf, appears to favor themselves rather than do the right thing and support the customer. Very expensive, oven, and poor network of repair. Also very challenging to find parts. Try and search of the torsion springs for HMC80251UC/01 for the microwave. You won’t find them on line. A lot of appliance parts companies on line will waste your time… but hard to find. All in all will not buy Bosch again, as they don’t support or stand behind their otherwise good operational product.


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