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Khao Shong Coffee Review

thumbnail Khao Shong Coffee


When you grind the fruit and seeds of a tree, you can guess the perfect product you will come across because this product is exactly coffee itself. Coffee accompanies us at every hour of our lives.

We consume coffee for many different reasons, such as sobering up in the morning, chatting with our friends at noon, and alleviating troubles in the evening.

While coffee keeps us fresh, it leaves a pleasant feast in our mouths. If you’re a coffee addict, you know what we mean. Especially choosing coffee, as well as the coffee maker you’ll use, is a very important task because you may not always find the coffee and aroma that suits your palate.

Everyone’s coffee preference is different. Speaking of coffee and coffee selection, let us introduce you to Khao Shong coffee. We will examine the coffee of the Khao Shong brand for you. We will give points to product quality, taste, price performance, and size. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

Prons Cons
Instant Coffe Package size is not enough
Made in Thailand Not the same in Thailand
Smooth Taste Package design is basic.
Affordable Price

Who Is This Product For?

If you ask what one of the things that should not end is, we think it is exactly coffee. I am sure you agree with us if you are reading this article. Because coffee is a beverage consumed under all conditions and is called the question of whether to buy a little more. Even if you don’t like coffee, you will always be a coffee addict at home.

Let’s say a few people like to drink coffee at home. What about friends, guests, and neighbors who want to drink coffee? Therefore, we can say that whether we want it or not, coffee has a great place in our lives.

It falls to us to find good coffee when this is the case. If you want to try a new coffee or are unhappy with your coffee choice, you are at the right place. We will examine Khao Shong’s richly flavored, Thai-inspired coffee. This coffee is a perfect product for those who want to try coffee from different regions.

Khao Shong Coffee may be the coffee you want with its smooth and quality taste. Best of all, it comes in 5 packages when you buy this product. In this way, you and your loved ones can experience the coffee. Of course, once you taste it, you may want to keep it to yourself.

Khao Shong Coffee 2

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Features of Khao Shong Coffee

Product Quality

Khao Shong coffee was established in 1959 in Khao Kra Shong National Park. Founder Mr. Chira Chiralerspong noticed wild coffee beans scattered on both sides of the road and realized they were coffee beans.

This man, with his experience of observing coffee production in Indonesia, collected wild coffee beans in the Park and roasted them in different ways until he found the perfect flavor, rich in aroma and subtle flavor. As a result, Khao Shong Coffee emerged. When we look at the history of this product, we were very impressed.

This history and Indonesian experience is an indication that the product is quality and care. Our Khao Shong brand coffee is one of the best coffees in Thailand with its aroma and flavor. What you already know is the aroma and smooth taste that makes coffee. If these are not provided enough in a coffee, the coffee will not be good.

Most consumers who prefer this coffee are satisfied with its aroma and smooth taste. It is a great opportunity to try this product, you can try Thai coffee from your country. Many users and we consider this coffee as quality and worth trying.


Coffees come from different regions of the world, and different climates and soils are different in terms of taste. Even if coffees come from the same crop or tree, there can be differences in the flavor of the coffees, depending on how the coffees are processed, roasted, ground, and brewed.

That’s why the taste of a coffee is as important as the method used as much as the coffee itself. This coffee of the Khao Shong brand offers you the Thai breeze. More than just an install-bodied taste because it is full-bodied, has a rich aroma, and has a smooth taste. As a result of the careful processing of Thai coffee beans, you can get the taste and aroma as you wish.

You will love the taste of this product, and you will want it to never end. It will also help you to find the coffee that you want to try different coffees. It is a good option for you to start with the right coffee during the trial phase. This coffee of the Khao Shong brand is one of them. We recommend you try this product, which will offer you a different and delicious taste. But let’s not forget that some users say this product is not the same as in Thailand.


Khao Shong Coffee1

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There are thousands of types of coffee in the world. Many factors, from the aroma of these coffees to the way they are made, from the bean to the market, are reflected in coffee prices. When the situation is divided, there are gaps between the prices of coffee. As you know, the most expensive coffee in the world is Luwak coffee, which is produced from cat feces.

Let’s go back to our coffee with Thai influences without changing our subject. Of course, coffee prices are effective in our coffee purchasing process. The price of this coffee from the brand Khao Shong Coffee is neither expensive nor cheap.

In other words, this product, which is among the packaged coffees, is a product from Thailand and can be purchased in terms of price with its unique aroma. But one of the good things about the product is that you can buy this product for one price and get 5 Bags by Khao Shong.

Of course, if you are someone who will try this product for the first time, you may hesitate in terms of price. But this coffee, which everyone loves and drinks, seems worth trying.

Value For Money

Khao Shong Coffee product is an instant coffee product that comes from Thailand by ship. The package size of this product is 6.54 x 4.57 x 3.66 inches; It is 8.82 Ounces. This product comes in 5 bags when purchased. When we examine the product, this coffee is worth its money for many reasons mentioned above.

This is because the product is an instant coffee with a different aroma. In other words, when you buy packaged coffee from a market, you will not have tried a different aroma. But this coffee of the Kha Song brand offers you the opportunity to try different aromas.

This coffee will make you feel like you have been to Thailand and is loved by the people who use it with its smooth and unique aroma. Many users demand that the coffee has large dimensions, as it is bought in Thailand. When this is the case, this coffee, which the Khao Song brand has produced since 1959, is a product that meets the value of its money.

Of course, you are the people who will make the final decision if it’s worth the price or not. From our perspective, it’s a product worth trying.

Final Verdict

If the smell of coffee comes to you when coffee is mentioned, if your eyes are always shining with the desire to try a new coffee, you are a coffee addict. We don’t say this is a bad addiction because we know what being a real coffee lover is.

When you take a sip of different coffee flavors from different countries, you feel as if you have been to that country. That’s exactly what coffee is. When this is the case, choosing coffee and finding the right coffee is a completely different feeling.

To try new coffees, you need to be brave and break away from the coffee flavors you are used to. Of course, this break is only for a short time. Then you can go back to that legendary coffee taste you loved or fall in love with the new coffee you tried.

Therefore, Khao Shong Coffee may be the product you are looking for. This packaged coffee offers you Thai breezes with a smooth and quality taste at an affordable price. We loved this coffee very much and witnessed those who loved it. As a coffee lover, the final decision is yours, do not forget to share your comments with us.

Top Amazon Customer Comments

Amazon Customer – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: My daughter brought a box back from Thailand as a gift and I have

Sumi Sung – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I had this coffee when I traveled to Thailand. I am a coffeeholic, I have been trying good coffees where I travel. Surprisingly, I found the best coffee in Thailand. This is it. I couldn’t buy this in America. I was so happy to find it at Amazon. This store has one of the best price and fast delivery. If you like deep dark aroma coffee, this is it!

SLP – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Had this first in Sri Lanka while on holiday and is one of the best instant coffee I have had. I usually drink brewed coffee but sometimes need instant in a pinch, and this is a smooth instant coffee.

Maureen – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: My daughter got this coffee for me when she was in Thailand. I keep it at work for times when I want a cup of coffee in the afternoon. It has a rich smooth flavor that is better than the instant coffee you find at the grocery store.

Charles R. – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: This is the brand that I drank most while visiting relatives in Thailand. I had been looking for it since my supply that I brought back to the U.S with me ran out. None of the oriental stores that I visited had this brand. I was very happy when I found it online. I would however, like a larger package of the product like I purchased in Thailand.

Magic…. – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: The only instant coffee I actually like the taste of… This is it..

lal – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: good but not as effective as i bought in my country 


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